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Fly ash is generated by electrostatic or mechanic separation of dust particles from combustion products while burning finely ground black or brown coal.

Thanks to its favourable properties and price, fly ash is mainly utilised as admixture in concrete, in production of cement as admixture in the main raw material or is put in finished cement. In addition, it is utilised as one of principal raw materials in production of bricks,  aerated-concrete breeze blocks and artificial aggregate, as the additive material in asphalt products, as mine work filler and in production of re-cultivating stabilised or solidified matters.

Where does the fly ash certified and supplied by our company come from?

Our principal supplier of fly ash is the company ČEZ Energetické produkty s.r.o., namely from the power stations Dětmarovice, Hodonín, Chvaletice, Ledvice, Mělník, Počerady and Tušimice. Other significant suppliers are: Plzeňská energetika a.s., Teplárna Strakonice a.s., Teplárna Otrokovice a.s. and Pražská Teplárenská a.s.

What quantities are we able to supply?

We currently offer 4 basic types of fly ash and according to the way of its utilisation, we offer individual approach in assessing its further feasible application in compliance with the client’s wishes.

Basic kinds of fly ash

  • Fly ash in concrete in compliance with ČSN EN 450-1
  • Fly ash as aggregate in concrete in compliance with ČSN 12620
  • Fly ash for production of cement in compliance with ČSN 197-1
  • Fly ash for production of aerated concrete in compliance with ČSN 72 2072-5 and ČSN P 72 208-4

How is fly ash produced?

Technical specifications of the fly ash supplied by our company

All quantities of fly ash supplied by our company are certified and conform to the requirements stipulated by relevant standards and norms. Fly ash is charged on wire electrodes. It is consequently caught on panel electrodes with inverse charge and is shaken off to fall down in a  hopper.

Fly ash may be used as a raw material for production of these items:

  • Cement in compliance with ČSN EN 197-1
  • As a filler in concrete in compliance with ČSN EN 12620
  • Concrete in compliance ČSN EN 450-1
  • Foundation mixtures to fulfil areas after coal-mining activities
  • Mixtures of compacted hydraulic bonding agents in compliance with ČSN EN 14227
  • Aerated aggregate in compliance with ČSN EN 13055
  • Fly-ash mixtures
  • Aerated concrete
  • Mortar materials
  • Brick burnt products
  • Mineral fibres
  • Asphalt products
  • Artificial aggregate
  • Foundry sands
  • Geo-polymers