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We change waste to environment-friendly building materials

Since 1999, we’ve been delivering energy by-products for environmental utilisation in production of building materials.

We purchase mainly fly ash from domestic thermal power stations and from several heating plants. We offer the fly ash to domestic and foreign cement plants and concrete mixing plants as a certified mixture to be added to their products. Our distribution naturally comprises transport of our products to the client.

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We contribute to the research of further utilisation of energy by-products...

In cooperation with a certified laboratory in Hradec Králové and the Technical University VÚT Brno in the Czech Republic, our company actively searches for suitable application of energy products, mainly in the sphere of building materials.

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Do you want to offer us the sale of energy by-products?

Do you produce energy by-products and look for customers? Contact our company and we will verify the option of distributing your product to our clients.

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