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Energy gypsum, i.e. calcic sulphur, is the final product generated from desulphurization of combustion products. In fact, the suspension made of finely ground mined limestone and water consequently binds sulphur oxides while generating energy gypsum. It is chemically a very pure material, with a purity of 97-98%, used as a raw material for production of cement, aerated-concrete breeze blocks and predominantly for production of plasterboard panels or other plaster products used by building industry.

Where does the energy gypsum supplied by our company come from?

Our main supplier of energy gypsum of the company ČEZ Energetické produkty s.r.o., namely from the power stations Chvaletice, Mělník, Počerady and Prunéřov.

What quantities of energy gypsum are we able to supply?

We are currently able to supply unlimited quantities of energy gypsum whose chemical composition and/or quality may slightly differ according to the place where it is produced due to the type of limestone used in the process.

  • Please contact our Sales Department workers for detailed information, required quantities and price of energy gypsum.

Technical specifications of energy gypsum supplied by our company

All quantities of energy gypsum supplied by our company are certified and are in conformity with the requirements stipulated by relevant norms and standards.

Burnt gases are taken from electrostatic separators into absorbers to go through the shower of water suspension of finely ground limestone. As a result, sulphur oxides are washed out on the way of so-called wet lime washout, generating dehydrate of calcium sulphate (CaSO4 . 2H2O) – energy gypsum.

Energy gypsum is usable as a raw material to produce the following items:

  • Cement
  • Gypsum plasters
  • Anhydrite floor mixtures
  • Alpha-plaster based floor mixtures
  • Plasterboard and plaster-fibre panels
  • Aerated concrete
  • Plaster breeze blocks
  • Sulphur-content special fertilisers
  • Substrates for production of field mushrooms

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