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Cinder (Slag) is produced as a by-product at combustion of coal in granulation boilers. Consequently after incinerating finely-ground black or brown coal, Cinder (Slag) is separated in the hopper of the burning chamber of the boiler where it falls down directly into water bath to be ready after dehydration for being dispatched to the client.

Where does the Cinder (Slag) certified and supplied by our company come from?

Our principal supplier of slag is the company ČEZ Energetické produkty s.r.o., namely from the power stations Dětmarovice, Chvaletice, Ledvice, Mělník, Počerady and Poříčí. Other significant suppliers are the companies Plzeňská energetika a.s., Teplárna Strakonice a.s. and Teplárna Otrokovice a.s.

What quantities of Cinder (Slag) are we able to supply?

We are currently able to supply unlimited quantities of slag whose chemical composition and/or quality may slightly differ according to the supply point also due to the source of used fuel - coal.

Technical specifications of supplied Cinder (Slag)

Slag is in conformity with requirements on results of eco-toxicological tests and limit concentrations stipulated for the contents of harmful substances in dry matter in conformity with Regulation No. 294/2005 Coll. For that reason, it may be considered to be a sanitary suitable product in compliance with Act No. 102/2001 Coll., on General Safety of Building Products, in effective wording. Slag may be utilised for embankments and backfills on the surface of the ground without limitation given by a particular locality, including creation of the top layer of technical re-cultivation.

How Cinder (Slag) may be utilised?

By its composition and granulometry, slag corresponds to sands utilised mainly at geotechnical activities. Its principal utilisation is in the sphere of roads thanks to its light volumetric weight and simultaneously its good compactibility.

Some examples of how may Cinder (Slag) be utilised:

  • Embankments of ground bodies in roads
  • Backfills and round-fills of line structures of utility networks (water lines, sewerage lines, gas lines)
  • Backfill material in re-cultivation of mined areas after excavation of mineral raw materials (surface mines, sandpits, quarries)
  • Ground works or re-cultivation of anthropogenic-damaged lands
  • Backfills to load-bearing retaining structures
  • Sharpening matter in production of brick burnt products
  • Gritting material for de-icing winter maintenance of roads

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